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Waste and Recycling Toolkit

Managing waste and recycling within your student house can be challenging. To help you tackle waste, we have created a handy Waste and Recycling Toolkit to help you recycle more and waste less.

First, you need to find out your waste and recycling collection day on the Cardiff Council website. Visit Cardiff Council’s Collection Day page and enter your property’s address.

Once you know if collections take place on a Wednesday or a Thursday, you can download the correct Information Poster and Bin Rota to display and use within your household. Don’t forget to print and post them in your common rooms so everyone knows what to do.

For Wednesday Collections:

For Thursday Collections:

Landlords and Property Managers

If you are a landlord or property manager, you can also download the Bin Inventory Checklist to check that your property has all the equipment that your tenants need to manage their waste and recycling. If you need to order additional or replacement equipment, please visit Cardiff Council’s Waste and Recycling pages for more information.


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