When and where to look

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When to look?

Student houses are made available throughout the year – so don’t feel you have to rush.

There are plenty to choose from. Some agencies don’t release their housing lists until much later in the year.

We recommend you view a variety of properties before signing a contract. You must make sure it is right for you, you’re happy with who you are living with and you can afford it.

Remember contracts are legally binding so don’t feel pressurised into signing. Seek advice before you start looking for a house.

Where to look?

There are many places to look for houses in the private rented sector. We recommend looking at your University private sector housing list first. However you can also approach these organisations for advice:

University Housing Lists

The Universities produce their own accommodation lists consisting of properties in the local area that are let out by Rent Smart Wales registered landlords. Properties on the accommodation lists also adhere to the HMO licensing schemes set out by the Council. Landlords will also have provided the University with all legislative certification.

The accommodation lists work with landlords directly so if you rent a property on the list, you will not have to pay agency fees.

How to find the Housing List for your University

Cardiff Metropolitan University

Log onto your Student Portal or ask for a list by email: accomm@cardiffmet.ac.uk

University of South Wales

Search for accommodation on Studentpad, University of South Wales’ free student accommodation search engine.

Cardiff University

Cardiff University no longer provide a list, instead students are directed to Cardiff Student Letting who are based in and run by the Students Union. Similar to the other University housing lists, Cardiff Student Letting do not charge agency fees.

Where to live?

Think about the area you want to live in.

  • Is the house close to the town centre, University buildings and Student Unions?
  • Is there a GP surgery, supermarket and pharmacy in walking distance?

Most Cardiff University and University of South Wales Atrium students live in Cathays or Roath, Heath campus students live in the Heath area and Cardiff Metropolitan students tend to live in the Roath area. These areas are close to local amenities, but that doesn’t mean you can’t live elsewhere! Cardiff is easily accessible on foot, bus or train.

Housing Advice

Your University and Student Union can provide you with free, professional housing advice on all matters of accommodation. Find out more about the services available to you below.

Cardiff Metropolitan University

University of South Wales

Cardiff University

  • The University Student Support service offers a series of resources to help you with your housing needs.
  • The Student Advice service in the Students’ Union provides guidance on all housing issues, including providing tailored advice on your legal rights as tenants. They can also check over tenancy contracts for unfair terms.

Cardiff Digs’ Student Liaison Officer can also answer any questions you may have and can direct you to additional support services if required. Contact us today.

Shelter Cymru can provide housing advice to all tenants in Wales. They have free resources and local advisors that can advise you on all aspects of housing, including legal matters such as deposits and contracts.

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