Many students, young families, professionals and elderly residents call Cathays, Roath and Gabalfa home. Living in the city, sound can travel. But being disturbed by excessive noise can have a serious effect on a person’s health and wellbeing; disturbing sleep patterns, affecting study schedules, or creating tensions between neighbours.

We want you to love being part of Cardiff’s community and enjoy everything the city has to offer but please be mindful of others in your neighbourhood.


Follow these tips to have a positive experience and avoid potential noise complaints.
• Say hello and introduce yourself to your neighbours. Perhaps you can even consider sharing contact details. Being friendly and approachable goes a long way. If you’ve just moved in, it’s a perfect opportunity.
• Be mindful of volume anytime of day or night. It is a myth that noise is allowed up until 11pm!
• Keep windows and doors closed to reduce sound travelling.
• When playing music, be mindful of bass levels – it really carries.
• Place speakers away from neighbouring walls.
• Keep the noise down if you walk home with friends late in the evening. General chatter can wake people who are sleeping and they may have an early start!
• If you are planning a party,
– Talk to all neighbours in advance about your intentions.
– You could agree a finish time or invite neighbours to talk to you informally if they are being disturbed.
– Only invite people you know and trust as you are responsible for your guests’ actions if a complaint is made.

Remember, extreme or persistent noise will be perceived as anti-social behaviour and will be dealt with by Cardiff Council, South Wales Police and/or your University through the Student Code of Conduct. Be a good neighbour and make sure you are not the perpetrator!

Affected by a noisy neighbour?

Politely knock at their door and explain the problem in a calm manner, you may find they were unaware of the problem and agree to keep the noise down. However if this does not work, you can contact the Council.

You can report on-going issues such as noisy parties and neighbours to the Councils Shared Regulatory Services online or by calling 0300 123 6696 (24/7).

The Student Code of Conduct

We’re reminding students that their actions can have a negative or positive impact both on and off campus.

Your University expects you to conduct yourself in a reasonable and appropriate manner, with respect for others, and to show courtesy and consideration at all times. As a student and member of the community, you are seen as an ambassador for the University whilst enrolled on your course, and the University expects you to represent them in a positive manner. You can do this by being respectful and courteous to your neighbours, keeping the noise to a minimum, and understanding your waste and recycling responsibilities.

In the event where student behavior is detrimental to the community or causing a nuisance, Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales may deal with student misconduct through their student disciplinary procedures.

Examples of what the Universities will consider as detrimental to the community includes excessive noise from properties, anti-social behaviour or severe nuisance issues arising from rented properties, which could include environmental concerns.

Cardiff is easily accessible by foot, bike or bus. Is your car really needed for that once a month supermarket trip, or to travel 5 minutes down the road? Estimates suggest bringing your car to University could cost you £2,500 a year. Think of what else you could spend that money on! If it is vital you bring your car to University, make sure you are in the know about where you can park and how you can obtain a permit…Don’t be a problem parker!

Students wishing to apply for parking permits should access the following Council website link for information:

Online applications require a council tax number and students who are renting should obtain this information from their landlord.

If that information is not available from the landlord, a postal application should be made to: The City of Cardiff Council, Parking Permits, PO Box 47, Cardiff, CF11 1QB and the information required for postal applications is shown on the website.

Applicants are required to be in residence before applying and advance applications are not permitted.

Not all properties are entitled to receive permits and on receipt, all applications are checked to ascertain eligibility.

Find out about more sustainable ways of traveling around Cardiff.

Volunteering is a great way of making a difference to your local community, meeting new people and gaining new and useful skills!

Students have access to a variety of volunteering opportunities and employability programmes, run either by their University or Student Union, or by an external provider. Find details of the opportunities available to you below.

Cardiff Metropolitan University students

UMAX Volunteering provides Cardiff Metropolitan students with the opportunity to get involved with both one-off and regular volunteering projects. They also advertise external volunteering vacancies. Pop into the Students’ Union office on the Llandaff campus to find out more about how you can get involved.

The Cardiff Met Award is the employability programme run by Cardiff Metropolitan University designed to give you opportunities that will strengthen your skills and help you prepare for your future career.

Cardiff University students

Cardiff Volunteering provides Cardiff University students with the opportunity to get involved with both one-off and regular volunteering projects. Pop into the Volunteering office on the second floor of the Students’ Union on Park Place to find out about the opportunities!

Tel: 029 20781 494

The Cardiff Award is the employability programme run by Cardiff University. It is designed to give credit to students for extra-curricular activities and to provide opportunities to improve skill sets and future career prospects.

University of South Wales students

Glam Edge enables you to access employability opportunities during your time at the University of South Wales.

Opportunities available to all students

Student Volunteering Cardiff

SVC is an independent charity run by students studying within the City of Cardiff. Their dedicated volunteers are involved in a variety of different volunteering projects in and around the city, working with older people, children and young people, people with mental health conditions, homeless people and disadvantaged and vulnerable members of the community.


Volunteer Cardiff

Volunteer Cardiff is a website run by Cardiff Council and is designed to signpost all residents in Cardiff to available volunteering opportunities in the area.

Voluntary Community Service – VCS

VCS can put people in touch with volunteering opportunities in their community. They provide services to both students and non – students and are situated in the city centre, close to many accommodation blocks. Pop into their office or arrange an appointment to find out about the opportunities available.


Go Wales

Go Wales is open to students from Cardiff University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and the University of South Wales (as well as other Welsh Universities). The Go Wales team create tailored, flexible work experience opportunities for students who are under 25 years old, in full time education at a Welsh University, have the legal right to live in the UK, and who fit one or more of select criteria. To see if you are eligible for the Go Wales scheme, click here

Community projects

If you would like your community project to be added to this list, please contact


There are two types of taxi vehicle in Cardiff – Hackney Carriages and Private Hire Vehicles. Hackney Carriages can be hailed from the roadside and are black in colour with a white bonnet. Private Hire Vehicles can only pick up passengers if they have been pre-booked over the phone. Private Hire Vehicles can be any colour apart from black and white.

Both types of taxis have plates fitted to the back of the vehicle showing their plate number. Drivers of both also wear identification badges with a licence number. These are usually displayed on the front and back windscreens of the vehicle. Taxi laws For journeys that start and finish within the Cardiff city boundary, it is a criminal offence for a Hackney Carriage driver to:

  • Refuse a fare (without a reasonable excuse)
  • Not use the fitted meter
  • Charge more than the metered fare

The driver should show that they are for hire with the roof light illuminated. If a Hackney Carraige driver is in a registered rank with their roof light illuminated, they are required by law to take you to the destination of your choice using the fitted meter. The driver can ask for a small deposit up front but this should not be excessive eg. £15 up front to go to Cathays.

For journeys that start in Cardiff but finish outside the Cardiff city boundary, a fare can be agreed between the driver and the passenger prior to starting the journey. Making a complaint If a Hackney Carriage driver has refused to take you because your fare is too short, or for any other reason, you can report this to the Licensing department of Cardiff Council. Take a photo of the driver number/cab number/license plate number with the date, time and where the incident happened and report it to . If the Council do not receive this information they are unable to take any action, so please report these incidents as soon as possible.



Cycling is a great way to relax, have fun and is an easy way to keep fit and healthy. You can bring your own bike to University or buy one from one of the many bike shops in Cardiff.

Local bike shops



City Centre


If you would like your business to appear on this list please contact

Bikes are also available for hire for half a day or one day slots from Cardiff Cycle Tours.

Cycle Tours

Cardiff Council has placed cycle stands in prominent cycling places across the city, so wherever you want to cycle to, make sure you park up and lock your bike securely to the stand! If you’d like cycle stands to be in an area where there currently aren’t any, contact

Cycling Routes

Cardiff has a growing cycling network with many off-road shared pedestrian and cycle routes that run through beautiful parks and scenery. Cardiff’s cycle network is called Enfys – which is Welsh for Rainbow.

The Taff trail (PDF) runs through many of Cardiff’s main attractions, such as the Millennium Stadium and Cardiff Castle, and is closely accessible from the student areas of Cathays, Plasnewydd and Gabalfa.

You can plan your route online or by looking at a map. Maps are also available at locations across the city, such as libraries and community centres.

Safety and security tips

Cycling can be an enjoyable and safe experience, but like other activities, there are some safety measures and precautions you can put in place before you get on your bike!

  1. Wear a helmet. It’s probably the first bit of advice you are told when you first learned to ride a bike but surprisingly some people don’t wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet can dramatically reduce your risk of getting hurt if an accident occurs. Don’t take the risk – wear a helmet.
  2. Buy an appropriate bike lock. Use a Sold Secure bike lock and lock your bike to a secure cycle stand. Bike locks can be bought at a reduced price at the Cardiff University Security Centre on Park Place.
  3. Attach lights to the front and back of your bike. Fit a white light to the front and a red rear lights and reflectors.
  4. Wear reflective and light coloured clothing at night and whenever possible.
  5. Follow the Highway Code. Riding a bike is like driving a car, it’s just a lot cheaper, quicker and more enjoyable! When cycling on the road you must obey signs, traffic light signals and the rules of the Highway Code.
  6. Don’t cycle on the pavement unless there is a shared or segregated sign there. South Wales Police can present you with a fixed penalty notice for cycling on the pavement!
  7. Attend a cycle training course. Not everyone feels confident enough to cycle on the road. Cardiff Council provides free cycle courses to students, so whether you haven’t ridden a bike in years (PDF) or you are an advanced cyclist (PDF) just wanting to hone those skills, you can attend a cycling course. For more information email

Please note training is also available through Cycle Training Wales and Pedal Power

Your University works in partnership with Cardiff Digs, Cardiff Council and South Wales Police to put on Cycling events throughout the academic year where we fit lights and security mark your bike. You can also learn about cycle routes and cycle training courses in the area at our events. Follow us on twitter to find out when your next event is taking place!

Unwanted bikes

Cardiff Cycle Workshop is a not-for-profit bicycle recycling project based at Unit 9 Gabalfa Workshops, CF14 3AY (just behind the large Staples off Western Avenue). People can donate unwanted bicycles Mon-Fri between 10am-4pm. Donated bicycles are refurbished by a dedicated team of volunteers and are then available for sale every Friday afternoon 1-5pm and the first Saturday of the month 10-12am. For more details ring 02920 616783 or visit

Cycling Links

Information about routes in and around Cardiff, organised cycle rides, the health benefits of cycling and events promoting and celebrating cycling.


Walking is a fantastic way to exploring the wonderful city of Cardiff. It helps to keep you healthy, and is completely free. Walking routes are right on your doorstep, and most of us use them every day of the week. Cardiff has lots of parks and green spaces that you can enjoy exploring.

Just 30 minutes of brisk walking five days a week is all you need to help set you on your way to achieving a healthier lifestyle. You don’t even have to do it all at once!

  • Cardiff University Talybont Halls to the Students Union
    on foot = 23 minutes
  • Cardiff Metropolitan Llandaff Campus to Albany Road
    on foot = 40 minutes
  • University of South Wales Atrium to Newport Road
    on foot = 7 minutes
  • University of South Wales Atrium to Albany Road
    on foot = 29 minutes
  • Albany Road to Cathays Train Station on foot = 13 minutes
  • Crwys Road to Cathays train station on foot = 10 minutes

If you want something a little more organised, you could try one of the many walking groups throughout Cardiff e.g. Walking for Health or The Ramblers.

There are many parks and open green spaces in Cardiff that attract lots of people, especially when the sun is shining! Have a look for your local park here. You can also have a look at the Outdoor Cardiff website for an A-Z list of outdoor activities and places to visit.


Public transport

Travelling by public transport rather than by a private car brings a raft of benefits.

It offers

  • lower costs than driving
  • a safe form of travel,
  • is less polluting and
  • removes the hassle of finding and paying for that parking space!

Finding out which buses to use is easy – Traveline Cymru is a one stop shop for public transport information.

Cardiff Bus runs many services in Cardiff. Day, week or month tickets for travel either within the city limits or the wider region are available. Tickets are available for purchase on the bus or from the Cardiff Bus office.

Cardiff Met Rider Pass is the ideal choice for Cardiff Metropolitan students. The service is provided by Cardiff Metropolitan University in partnership with Cardiff Bus and connects all three Cardiff Met University campuses, student halls and residential areas, and the city centre.

Students and staff can purchase a Met Rider pass, subsidised by the University, allowing unlimited travel throughout the academic year on the entire Cardiff Bus network.

The Met Rider runs Monday to Friday from 8am to 10pm during term time and allows students and staff to travel safely throughout the city.

Iff Cardiff Bus Smartcard is a card that allows you to go by bus without having to pay with change each time, whether you travel regularly or just now and again. It’s a smartcard that you simply ‘load’ money on to – either when you first get on the bus or, if more convenient, in town at the customer service centre in Wood Street. It means an end to worrying about having the right change with you – all you do is place the card on the reader when you get on the bus. It’s also the future of paying for travel.

Arriva Trains Wales operate services across Wales with local and valley lines running around 5am to 11.30pm on weekdays, starting later at the weekend and on public holidays. In addition to Cardiff Central , there are several local rail stations, including Cardiff Queen Street, Cardiff Bay and Cathays. Tickets are available for purchase at the station or on board. Most local stations in Cardiff now have ticket machines on their platforms so you can buy in advance on the station.

Tel: 0870 9000 773

16-25 Railcard Costs just £30 and it’ll save you 1/3 on rail fares throughout Great Britain for a whole year.

Car sharing schemes

If you do need to drive, there are car sharing schemes available that you can take advantage of. These can save you money and can help the environment at the same time!

As simple as it sounds, Car or Journey sharing refers to two or more people travelling together rather than separately, either in one car or by other methods such as walking, cycling, bus, taxi, etc.


  • saves you money
  • helps the environment and
  • delivers you stress free to work

It also a great way for new students in Cardiff to meet their colleagues and familiarise themselves with the city.

A car sharing scheme offers its members the opportunity to find a potential travelling companion for all or part of their journey. Schemes encourage registered members to minimise their car usage, and take advantage of sustainable travel options.

Car share users also have the benefit of dedicated parking spaces in Cardiff. The more people that sign up, the more spaces will be created. Some Institutions have on-site parking restricted only to registered car sharers, e.g. Cardiff Metropolitan University’s School of Management building on Llandaff campus.

There are dedicated car share parking spaces for Cardiff Metropolitan students at Cyncoed campus and at Plas Gwyn halls of residence, which is just a short walk away from Llandaff campus.

SharetoCardiff is a subscription based car share scheme for employers that allows you to look for potential car sharing opportunities. You can also set up your own car sharing group. Make sure you read their ‘Safety Tips’ before looking for car sharing partners! You may find your university is already a part of the scheme so have a look.

Cardiff University students can take advantage of the Liftshare Scheme is an open group, available for any journey.

City Car Club is ideal for students who need a car in Cardiff but do not use it enough. City Car Club gives you access to a car on demand when you need one, and means you don’t have to pay for the car sitting outside your house that’s not being used. Membership to City Car Club is convenient and will save those students who drive less than 6,000 miles a year a lot of money.

Check out the How It works video to see how easy it is yourself!

First impressions count

With over 40,000 students living in Cardiff, students make up a fairly big segment of the population. Whether you’re living in halls of residence or private rented accommodation, you are an important part of the Cardiff community!

Integrating with the local community and creating good relations with your neighbours can make the difference between home sweet home and a home from hell. Introduce yourself to your neighbours – a knock at the door and a quick hello goes a long way.

Residents are there all year round and do not work to the student calendar. When you go home for Easter or Christmas, your neighbours may be able to keep an eye on your property for you. They can also help you if you have any questions about when to put your bins out or are unsure about parking and accessing permits for your car.

Community walkabouts take place at least four times a year to welcome new residents to the city, provide advice and ensure residents are aware of their responsibilities as tenants and neighbours.

Want to get involved? Join us on a community walkabout! Email to find out the dates of future events.

Community postcard initiative

Children from the Cardiff University Day Care centre have teamed up with Cardiff Digs to design community postcards that will promote positive community relations. There are two postcard designs; one for students and one for residents. Community members can fill out a postcard and pop it through their neighbours’ door as a way of introducing themselves.

Why don’t you fill one out?

Email for your free postcard

Unity Newsletter

Unity News is Cardiff Dig’s free bilingual newsletter that provides an opportunity for residents to find out about the proactive partnership working that takes place to improve living conditions for students and residents.

Our Student Liaison Officer, Emma Robson, has been working with the Universities and Student Unions of Cardiff, along with the City of Cardiff Council and external partners, to produce this newsletter.

Download your copy now…

You must seek permission before using any images contained within any of the Unity News newsletters. To do so, please email

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