Registering with a doctor

Register with a doctor

Whether you are living in halls or a private house in Cardiff you need to register with a Doctors practice as soon as you arrive.

You should contact the practice of your choice (that’s within your catchment area) as soon as possible to register or to ask for further information. Don’t wait until you become ill to register with a practice – do this as soon as possible when you arrive in Cardiff to ensure that you have easy access to services when you need them. Registering may take up to two weeks.


Your nearest practice

You can find your nearest GP practice and a list of other useful local services by entering your postcode here.

When you move to a new practice, you need to take along your NHS medical card. This has details of your current practice, and NHS number and will make it easier for you to register. The NHS number ensures that the new practice will be sent your medical records quickly.

If you do not have an NHS card, you can get the NHS number from your current practice. It is a good idea to write this down along with your name and address. Keep this information safe because you’ll need it whenever you move practices.

If, for any reason, you are unable to register with a local practice you can contact the NHS Business Services Centre (BSC) on 01495 332000. The BSC will be able to allocate you to a practice close to where you are living.

For information about:

  • local GP practices,
  • doctors,
  • dentists,
  • opticians, and
  • pharmacies

Please visit

For other health related information and advice please visit: or

Unable to find a practice?

If you are still unable to register with a GP in your area, please email with your full name, date of birth, previous address, current address and the name and address of your current GP. If you are new to the UK then also include date of entry to the UK and country of birth. The centre will then send you the address of the practice you are to be registered with and any further information you need.


Moving away?

If you are moving house you need to check with your surgery to see if you need to change your Doctors surgery as you may be out of your catchment area.


Flu jabs

During the Winter months, free flu jabs are available to those who are most at risk of contracting the flu virus. It’s very easy to get a free flu jab, simply book an appointment at your GP’s practice today. Flu jabs are also available at some local pharmacies for those who are most at risk.

Are you most at risk?

Students who are most at risk of contracting flu are those who are/have:

  • Asthmatic (or those who use preventative inhalers)
  • Diabetic
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Registered carers (or those living at home)
  • Pregnant
  • Using medicines that weaken the immune system

It’s important that you protect yourself and others around you from the flu virus in order to prevent complications developing in the future.

For more information visit the Cardiff and Vale University Health Board website


Emergency help

Dial 999 and ask for an ambulance in a serious emergency or when you have a life threatening illness. For example, if you have severe chest pain, severe breathing problems, severe bleeding or if someone is unconscious (this list is not exhaustive).

Visit the Accident and Emergency Unit at the University Hospital of Wales, Heath Park, Cardiff, if you have an acute illness such as chest pain, breathing problems or a painful injury less than 2 days old.

Your GP and local pharmacists can offer advice on medicines and can provide emergency contraception.

NHS Direct offer information and advice on healthcare and emergency help on both their website, or by telephoning 0845 4647

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