Get it out for Cardiff

Living in Cardiff Uni, Cardiff Met, or Liberty Living halls of residences? Download the poster!
Living in rented accommodation? Download this handy leaflet!

Get it Out for Cardiff (GIOFC) is the annual end of term waste, recycling and charity collection scheme, set up to ensure that moving out at the end of term is stress free and leaves our communities clean and tidy.

The scheme includes a re-use and charity collection of unwanted items, so when you clear out, donate it!

Please note this schemes runs between May – September every year

23 Green Zone Collection Points

are set up in halls of residences and Student Unions across the city where you can donate clothing, food (unopened, in date tins, packets, jars etc), small electrical items, books, CDs, DVDs and kitchen items (plates, mugs, utensils, pans etc).

25 YMCA re-use banks

are in place all year round to collect clothes, shoes, bags, textiles, small electrical items, books, CDs/DVDs.

Find your closest YMCA bank and/or Green Zone.

Other unwanted goods

Bicycles can be donated to Cardiff Cycle Workshop, a not-for-profit bicycle recyclng project based at Unit 9 Gabalfa Workshops, CF14 3AY (just behind the large Staples off Western Avenue). People can donate unwanted bicycles Mon-Fri between 10am-4pm. Donated bicycles are refurbished by a dedicated team of volunteers and are then available for sale every Friday afternoon 1-5pm and the first Saturday of the month 10-12am. For more details ring 02920 616783 or visit

Cookers, microwaves, kettles, toasters, bedding, pillows etc can be donated to the Cardiff Consortium (Charities) who can redistribute these items to those in need. Please contact Sue Glendinning on 07896 499060.

Have you thought about what to do with your recycling and waste when you move out at the end of term?

Leaving it on the pavement on move out day, without prior arrangement, could result in a Fixed Penalty Notice of up to £100! Leaving it inside the property could result in your landlord or agent deducting money from your deposit!

As tenants, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to remove all rubbish from the property and front/back gardens, and from the pavement on non collection days. We understand you may be moving out on a day when waste won’t be collected, so we have put together a few tips to help you manage this situation, and to help you avoid losing money from fines or deposit deductions!

Here are your options:

1. Plan ahead, know your bin days! Put your recycling and waste out on your normal collection day.

Remember to put your recycling and food waste out EVERY WEEK on collection day. There are 2 general waste collections in June before you move out:


  • Wednesday May 10th
  • Wednesday May 24th
  • Wednesday June 7th
  • Wednesday June 21st


  • Wednesday May 17th
  • Thursday 1st June (one day later due to bank holiday)
  • Wednesday June 14th
  • Wednesday June 28th

Put your recycling and waste out no earlier than 4.30pm on Tuesday, and by 6am on collection day. No additional weekend kerbside collections will be provided and all waste from the property and gardens should be removed. You must not leave any rubbish on the streets outside of the collection window or you could face a fine.

2. Before you pack up your car to leave, take a trip to your local Household Waste Recycling Centre on Wedal Road.

  • Using our recycling centres is free, but don’t forget – you will need ID (e.g. a tenancy agreement) to prove you are a resident.
  • Please note that you cannot use vans at Wedal Road. Vans can be used at the city’s other recycling sites but must be booked in advance.

3. Pay for an arranged collection.

  • Pay for a one off collection, any day of the week, from as little as £10
  • Collections must be arranged in advance. To get a quote, call (029) 2087 2087 (Mon – Fri 8.30am – 6pm) or email

4. Use the Council’s FREE bulky waste collection service

  • Large or awkward recyclable household items such as beds, mattresses and white goods can be collected free of charge (if booked in advance. If you require an immediate collection, the charge is £12.50 for two items and £25 for three items or more).
  • To arrange a collection, call (029) 2087 2087.

5. Give reusable items to charity at a Green Zone Collection Point or YMCA re-use bank

  • Charities can benefit from the reusable items you leave behind when you move out.
  • Get it Out for Cardiff Green Zone Collection Points and YMCA re-use banks can accept reusable items such as clothes, small electrical items, books, media items etc.
  • Green Zone Collection Points can also accept donations of unopened, in date food (tins/packets/jars), and kitchen items (plates, mugs, utensils/pans)
  • Find your closest Green Zone Collection Point or YMCA re-use bank

Cardiff’s student population responded in style to the Get It Out for Cardiff scheme last year with over 26 tonnes of items collected. A number of charities benefit from the scheme.

Clothing, electrical items, media and bric-a-brac are being collected for the YMCA to directly reinvest in projects and services for homeless people at the Cardiff YMCA Housing Association.

Kitchen items will be stored over the summer by the YMCA and sold to students at the start of term at heavily discounted prices, with proceeds going to the YMCA Housing Association.

The bric a brac sales will take place on:

Wednesday 20th September, 11am – 4pm, NIAC building, Cyncoed campus, Cardiff Metropolitan University

Friday 22nd September, 9.30am – 2pm, Y Stiwdio, Park Place, Cardiff Students’ Union

Food is being collected for Fareshare Cymru for redistribution to people in need in our local communities to help fight food poverty.

Find out more about the charities that benefit from the scheme by clicking on the logos below.


Help students “Get it Out for Cardiff”!

Do you want to help keep our communities clean and tidy, or maybe you would like to gain experience working alongside Cardiff Council and local charities?

Student volunteers helped other students with the move out process at the end of term by spreading the word through door knocking and table top exercises. Volunteers helped with 5 table top stands and 8 door knocking sessions, where they advised students about making the most of their unwanted, reusable items, and advising tenants about how to manage their waste to avoid a fine. Volunteers spoke to over 900 students in total!

Current opportunities: supporting Cardiff YMCA

We are looking for volunteers to help prepare donations ready for the bric a brac sales in September! You will be helping to clean and organise items in St Davids Hall with the YMCA.

When? Any time between 9am – 5pm on Monday 4th September, Tuesday 5th September and Wednesday 6th September.

We are looking for volunteers to help sell donations at the bric a brac sales in September! You will be working with the YMCA and Cardiff Council to sell items to students at reduced prices.

When? Wednesday 20th September, 11am – 4pm, NIAC building, Cyncoed campus, Cardiff Metropolitan University, and, Friday 22nd September, 9.30am – 2pm, Y Stiwdio, Park Place, Cardiff Students’ Union


To register your interest in an opportunity or for more information, please email 

Tip: on moving out day, fill up your car with any extra waste or reusable items and take them to a Household Recycling Centre/Green Zone Collection Point BEFORE you pack your car with your belongings.